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a cross-fandom vampire rp
LOG: Marius, Armand and Bianca 
29th-Apr-2009 02:25 pm
Date: Evening of April 23
Rating: PG again? There's some Blood Kissing *shrugs*
Summary: Armand and Bianca both receive custom clothes from Marius. Marius and Armand talk about the butler, Armand's crazy idea to save the world and of course, Bianca. Read it to find out the rest! xD

Stirring as the dusk settled, Armand opened his eyes. He was cuddled close to Marius when he went to sleep, and he hoped he still was. He would put his arm around him and hold on, kissing and pressing his face against him. If he was gone, a pillow would have to do, and he could only try to find his scent there.

Indeed, Marius still lay next to his beloved Amadeo. He had been running his fingers through the soft auburn curls for sometime now. He did not wish to get up just yet. He wanted to simply enjoy his immortal boy a little longer before having to face the bitterness of the brokenhearted woman that slept downstairs.

"You're making clothing for both of us," Amadeo said. "You surprised me, but I guess you don't like my t-shirts and jeans?"

He chuckled lightly at his companion. "It's not that I don't like them, it's that I prefer you in a different sort of attire." He smiled as he kissed his love, having cut his tongue open on his own teeth and tenderly giving it to his Amadeo.

The younger vampire shivered with delight at the fiery blood that filled his mouth. Ecstatically his breath deepened, he returned the kiss passionately, wrapping both arms around him.

Taking in a deep breath through his nostrils, he deepened the kiss, his arms engulfing Armand's small frame in their passion, their blood mixing together in each other's mouths. It had been too long since the last time they'd done this and Marius didn't want it to end for the world.

They might well have kissed for hours if they were not interrupted, but it was dusk and the clothes were ready. After only an hour or more of this passion, which no doubt had Amadeo in a wild state by the time the knock came. His body tingling and his head spinning, his eyes like an animal's turned to the door and he growled.

"It would seem they we must continue this later." Marius chuckled at Amadeo before placing a chaste kiss on his lips and rising from the bed bidding his butler to enter. He then moved to his closet and slipped on a large, heavy, red and gold brocade chamber robe that only rich noblemen and royalty wore in the 1400's before bed or when they awoke. "For now, let me see you in your new clothes." He then motioned with his hand for Henry to take the clothes to the young master as he took a seat in the nearby chair he used at his desk for his writings.

Amadeo first stared at the robe, then he asked, "Do you think that Bianca is dressing? Will she need a handmaiden to put on her things?" He remembered that he'd asked for her clothing to be something from Venice of the renaissance. It could be fairly simple, actually, but if they brought her something with a corset from a later age, she might need help. He was curious to see what Marius had gotten made for him.

"If I may sir, Miss Bianca has not awakened just yet." Henry piped up politely as he laid Armand's clothes out on the bed. It was similar to what was worn in Venice but with some modern pieces. All the pairs of pants were simple slacks of black, white, khaki and other neutral colors. All the shirts Henry brought in were mostly simple button up, collared shirts of various colors. There were some t-shirts and jeans thrown in just for Armand's personal tastes but what Henry brought in next screamed of Venice during the Renaissance with modern clasps and buttons of course. A small collection of jackets, robes, and cloaks all custom made within the day and all in a small variety of colors.

Armand clothed himself in the mixture of cool fashions. He then adjusted everything in the mirror and turned to present himself to Marius for a last look-over. "What do you think?" he asked. He had chosen a white shirt but a deep blue brocade vest that bordered on purple. His jacket was silk, black, and his black pants ended over his typical boots.

Marius sat back idling watching Armand as he went through his new wardrobe. When the immortal boy turned to present himself, Marius simply smiled and nodded in approval. "Much more befitting of my Amadeo."

"Does it make me look older?" he asked hopefully.

He chuckled and nodded. "It does indeed." He then turned his attention to his butler. "Henry. Prepare a hot bath for me and don't wake Bianca, I imagine she'll be starving and hard pressed to keep from attacking. Let Amadeo rouse her instead."

"Yes sir." he replied as he bowed before entering the bathroom to do his master's bidding.

"Marius... tell me about Henry... why did he call you Master last night?" He didn't think that was normal in this age.

"He's an older gentleman that I found one evening after my arrival in New Orleans. I paid him to live her, tend to my house while I slept, and to do as I asked. After that, he just began doing that on his own. There is no real reason known to me behind his saying it and I don't care to correct him. He may call me by name if his wishes but I suppose he chooses Master because it sounds better to him. I am not certain."

"It's a little odd, but ... It's not the same as when I call you Master, or maybe it is... I don't know. It bothers me. I'm glad he called you sir tonight. How did he come to know what we are? How did he know... I couldn't move? Did you tell him about us? Did you tell him who we are?"

Marius sighed. "Do you forget that we are common knowledge now? I did tell him who and what I was when I approached him but he knew enough about our kind that I didn't need to inform him about us. All I had to do was clean up some of the myths that surrounded our kind. He is very familiar with you and I. He has read our biographies as well as Louis and Lestat's. He's been fascinated with our kind since the days of his youth. Almost like a Talamascan but not to their extreme. He never really believed until two years ago."

"Oh" Armand said, he looked pensive about it. Of course he had not forgotten, and he sensed nothing but good intentions from Henry, but part of him wondered if he expected something like becoming a vampire himself in return. He said, "I didn't forget, but I think that I would like to remain an unknown. The greatest safety we have ever had was our secrecy. Now we have to hide for real... again. Completely as it was when people did believe in such things before, it's so dangerous. I don't mean Henry's dangerous, of course. I just mean, in general this being 'out of the coffin', it's not only dangerous, it's crass. It's like if you carry a gun, you don't wave it around in public to show everyone."

"I understand your point and concerns Amadeo but what concerns me more is your idea to save our world. The danger for us right now is mild in comparison to the danger you'd be getting yourself into if you attempted such foolish ideas. We can continue as we have always done so long as we don't draw unwanted attention to ourselves. Most of the mortals keep to themselves and prefer it that way. They fear what they don't understand. Many of them have embraced our kind out of that same fear. Others out of simple fascination. I do not deny the dangers that may lie ahead for us and I have already been making preparations for if things seem to be turning for the worst." He sighed heavily before rising from his chair and hugging Amadeo, his arms wrapped tenderly around his beloved eternal child, his cheek resting upon thick auburn locks. "But for now, we must simply be on our guard and continue living our immortal lives as we always have." He then kissed the top of Armand's head before hooking a finger under his chin, gently pulling it up so as too look him in the eyes. "I couldn't bare the thought of losing you forever. Please. Amadeo. Forget your plan and stay with me." He whispered softly as he then leaned in close with another Blood Kiss.

Armand swooned at the taste of the blood on his tongue. It would never become simple. This simple thing would never ever be a little thing, and yet it was. And too quickly, it was over. He kissed his Master back tenderly. "Yes.. yes I will, but I will advise quietly, that others follow our example of secrecy. Maybe slowly, the world will return to some of what it was."

"I can live with that. Just try to stay out of trouble hm?" He smiled thoughtfully before giving a chaste kiss to Armand's forehead. "Now go tend to Bianca while I have my bath hm?"

Bianca had already begun to awake, though she had not yet risen. It was too pleasant to remain curled up in blankets, in the dark behind the sliding door, her eyes shut, imagining herself elsewhere. Occasionally the anxiety of what tonight held would bubble up, but she fought it and managed to suppress it. If worst came to worst, she could run. At least she knew, now, that she could manage on her own. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more fleeing seemed like a good idea. She could not remain here...not for any length of time. The thought of doing so made her head hurt. It was too much, after so long. Too much time had passed, too many things come in the way of whatever kind of life she might have been able to have, with the two of them. She sighed heavily, forcing her eyes open and staring into the darkness. It would be best, really, to leave before either of them came to wake her. Then perhaps she could simply vanish into the night, as she had before. Neither of them would come looking. It would be as it had been, for so many years.

Ah but Armand was already at the door. He knocked gently and called out to Bianca, "Can I come in?" he asked. He wanted to see what clothing had been laid out for her. He wanted to see her in her finery once again.


"...yes." she replied, a slight hint of annoyance in her voice. She didn't bother moving, simply reached out a hand to move the sliding door of her makeshift bed/crypt back. The urge to pull the covers over her head and insist, like a child, that she was not getting up was fairly strong, but she managed to resist it, for the time being.

He crept in, sliding in beside her and flopping back into the extra pillows. "So... all dressed up and no where to go. And... more importantly, no one to come with me! I can't wait to see what he left you. Do you want help to be dressed? Or ... would you rather I kiss your pretty skin?"

"How can you forgive him?" she asked, quietly. She hadn't really meant to say it - more than anything she wanted to be able to hold onto this moment, to give herself up to it and let herself feel warm and happy and loved. But she couldn't. "...he left you there, with those horrible monsters. He didn't even try to save you."

He sighed softly, "It's a wound that doesn't quite heal. It's something I cannot escape, but he was hurt too. For a long time, he could not come to me. By the time he could, maybe it was too late already for me. I was lost... he could see I was lost. I needed him, I always will, but... maybe I never quite forgave him, but I can't help myself. His cool blue eyes look into mine, and I fall to pieces. My heart all frozen with anger.. melts. It's stupid, I know. I am a fool. Love's fool. His fool."

"Well, I won't be." she said, coldly. "Not again."

She sighed, knowing that it was quite likely she was pushing him away with every word she spoke against Marius. She turned towards him, propping herself up on one elbow, reaching out to stroke his hair. "I don't think I can stay here." she murmured, trying her best not to let her resolve break having Amadeo so close again.

His eyes began to well with red. "I know." he said, and it sounded very final, but then he added, "You must do what you feel is best, but I ask you this, as I ask myself... he loves us. He loves me, and he loves you. I know he does, even if I cannot sense it in his mind I see his eyes. And I ask myself, and I ask you, what else do we have in this world but love? There is nothing for me. Nothing else, only people who have left me, betrayed me without even having given half the love he has given me. All we have is each other. The rest is all hollow, I am free to roam the world, but when I walk alone, I am ... lonely."

"Please stay, if only to be with me... and if you can't forgive him, It's... I don't know. It's sad. I weep for all of us."

He'd always been rather good at that - delivering speeches and declarations that were at once moving and extremely convincing. She wondered, momentarily, if that is why he had so easily led the poor misguided coven of vampires beneath les innocents. She sighed once more, moving closer to him, kissing him gently on the forehead.

"Please don't cry." she whispered "...I will speak with him. But I cannot promise you anything. He may love you - in fact, I am certain he does - but he would have left me in a heartbeat...in fact, he agreed to do so, when Pandora asked. How can that be love?"

"Because he is also love's fool. She is to him as he is to me. She might not deserve the love he gives her, and he may even know this, but... he cannot resist her. He does not love us less because of it, but he hurts himself for her." He rubs his hands over his face, brushing the blood away. "I hope she stays away. She seems to prefer that, but it is also a sad thing, because she cannot love us. I think she cannot love him. And that, that must hurt more than anything. If I thought he didn't love me, and... sometimes I convince myself he doesn't, when that happens, I can feel my soul wither."

"Then you can imagine how I felt." she replied. She wanted to be able to agree with him - to tell him that she understood, even believed what he was telling her - but there had been too many years of loneliness and bitterness for her to accept that what he said was true. And nothing could ever convince her to empathize with Pandora.

"What now, then?" she asked, resigned to the fact that she would have to be here at least a little longer. "I'm sorry to have ruined your good mood. I did not mean to upset you. Will you forgive me for that?"

"I will... but only if you kiss me." He smiled.

She sighed theatrically, as if this was a particularly troublesome task. "Oh, well...if you insist, I suppose." she joked, leaning into him and brushing her lips across his lightly, teasingly.

Armand stole it from her in a quick peck. "You're cold. Come, let's get you dressed and find someone horrible before they beat up, rob, abuse or murder again."
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