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a cross-fandom vampire rp
LOG: Angel and Armand - Adrian and Armand 
22nd-Apr-2009 07:51 pm
Adrian; really?
Date and time: Evening of April 22 between the hours of 9 P.M. and 1 A.M.
Rating: PG? (some insignificant NPC vamps died in the making of this log)
Summary: Armand's distraught about vampires being "out" when he comes across a young woman (Angel) about to be eated by some jerk vamps. Armand saves her before heading back into Pravda where he meets Adrian. What happens next? Stop being lazy and read it! xP

Armand sorely did not want to leave Marius' side, but he knew that if he clung too much, it might irritate him. He wanted to show Marius that he was in fact going to be able to handle this new information on his own. He excused himself with a kiss to his Master's cheek, "I need some time to think this all through, that's all..." he turned to Lestat and bid him farewell for now, but yes, he had come to visit him, and yes, he would be back. He wandered back out to the streets of New Orleans with a completely different feeling inside. Would the people passing him on the street know he was really a vampire? Would he find fear in their faces? Contempt? He was Armand, fairly famous since the publications of his story and the books that came before and after his... he was Known. But until tonight he believed he had been known to be only a story. It was all safe because no one believed them. Now... maybe everyone believed them. It put him on edge. He searched the faces of the people he passed, listening to their thoughts, wondering if this was indeed the end of all sanity for him.

Meanwhile, on the corner of Decatur and Gov. Nicholls, not far from where the three infamous vampires had conversed, stood a very vibrant yet somewhat scared and angry young woman who was being held up against the wall of a nearby building by some stupid puppet-like humans so she could be made a meal of by a nasty vampire. Angel had been having a good evening until running into this group in Pravda. She had declined this vampire's offer to pay her to let him drink her blood and have sex with her. Then when he tried to get a little rough, she had attempted to burn him with a pack of matches she had lit and stuffed in his pants before running away. The asshole bloodsucker caught up with her before she had a chance to duck into another bar somewhere and this time he had help. She did well in fighting these two mindless goons before their puppet master grabbed her and threw her hard against the wall. Now, she was dizzy from the slight concussion she had now. Shit, I'm fucking screwed now. She thought to herself before suddenly feeling a hand on her throat. Alright, Superman, Batman, someone FUCKING HELP ME!

Armand was far from a super hero, but damned if he was going to let this innocent be accosted by a vampire. This city, he decided instantly, was still the haven of the coven of the Articulate. It would still be governed by the rules set forth by their queen; that we shall not feed from the innocent... and the decree of Lestat the Brat himself, which Armand happened to agree with; Thou shalt not hunt in fucking New Orleans Louisiana without our fucking permission. He lept into the air and descended upon the offending vampire, grabbing his hair in the process and forcing the immortal up against the opposite wall. "I should just wipe you out right now, you insolent fuck! You DON'T HUNT New Orleans, you got that! This is OURS, it has always been ours, and if you fucking show your face in this city again, so help me I will tear you apart, but leave your head right on, so you can dangle for an eternity upside down in the mud without arms or legs. Got it?"

When all seemed lost and she was certain she would die, Angel felt a sudden relief as the asshole that was about to bite into her was pulled away and the two goons he had been controlling dropped her and bolted down Gov. Nicholls toward Royal. She slumped to the ground watching as what looked like a seventeen-year-old boy throw this now bald fucker against the opposing wall. She felt so lightheaded that she wasn't sure what had happen next, all she knew was when she looked up again the bald vampire had disappeared and she was saved. "Thank you..." was all she had managed to say before finally passing out.

Armand went to the mortal's side and knelt to where she had fallen. Not bitten, good, and still breathing, also good. He hoped her body wasn't too broken by the rough toss of the vampire. "Can you hear me?" he asked... though, he wasn't really sure if he should stick around.

It took a few minutes before she suddenly jolted up, freaking out and swinging her fists, nearly hitting her rescuer. Her mind was in a state of chaos. Was she still under attack? She wasn't sure. All she knew was that there was someone still there next to her and she was aiming to get away from what she thought might be her assailant.

"Fuck!" Armand said, dodging the fists of the woman on the ground, "You're welcome." He stood again and began to walk away.

Finally, when he'd pulled away, she looked around groggily before holding her head in her right hand. It was bleeding a little from having been roughed up. As she tried to stand, Angel felt everything shift and again, her head met the wall. "Ow, fuck." She was in bad shape and she knew if she didn't get out of there soon that something else might happen to her. "Wait. I..." she was starting to apologize but instead just fell to her knees again, her head in one hand and the other keeping her from making friends with the ground. Fuck. I can't move. Everything's spinning, my head's killing me, and I think I just scared away the only help I had. Damn it! How did I get myself into this shit? She felt like crying and sleeping all at the same time.

Armand paused peering over his shoulder at the helpless person. Having gone through the trouble to save her from the vampire, it wouldn't do to just leave her on the ground... "Fine... where do you live?" He pulled out his cellphone. "Do you need a hospital or a taxi home?"

"I need everything to stop fucking spinning first. I live in the dorms over at Tulane." She was going to say something else but she ended up trailing off, feeling her eyes roll back like she was about to pass out again. She jolted awake again. Gotta stay awake. Might have a concussion. Shit. What's 2+2? 4. What's...oww, my head hurts to think. I need to lie down.

"Just stay where you are, miss. I'm calling for help." 9 1 1. "Yeah, hi, there's a lady here with a head injury, she's pretty disoriented and needs medical assistance. We're at the corner of Gov. Nicholls and ... some street without a fucking street sign. Um..." and he offered instead, a street number nearby, "Please come soon." He clicked his cellphone closed.

Afterward, Armand didn't want to deal with the ambulance, so as soon as they could be heard arriving, he took off to Pravda. He wanted to see how many other upstart vampires thought they could get by with that crap in his city. He strode in and took a place at one of the benches inside, putting his feet up on a seat across from him he sighed and did a quick sweep of the mental status of the bar.

With the arrival of the ambulance and the departure of her not so pleasant but still helpful rescuer, Angel finally just let her mind go black as she laid down on the dirty sidewalk unconscious. She'd wake up later the following morning remembering everything and hunt for the vampire she knew had saved her life and thank him properly.

Meanwhile, back at Pravda, an interesting young man with vibrant violet eyes, smooth pale skin, and short violet hair that's shorter in the back than the front, had been sitting off in a nearby corner sipping his gin and tonic and listening in on everyone's thoughts in the bar. This was his favorite past time, especially after a hard day. Suddenly, he felt someone else with the gift of telepathy doing a sweep and this caused Adrian to look up from his drink in this person's direction.

Busted! Hahah, Armand winked at the fellow telepath. Yeah, he was a sucker for violet eyes, and the violet hair made them seem all the more purple. No more predators he had to beat up? Ah well. It was nice atmosphere anyway... even if more than a couple people wondered if he was a vampire- mainly because he just sat down and didn't order anything. Well, not yet anyway.

Adrian just smiled and sipped at his drink again before making the first move to communicated. Hello. My name is Adrian. Now, normally I'd just poke around your head to find out your name but being that you're a fellow telepath and a vampire, I thought I'd be polite in introducing myself just before asking you for your name.

Armand frowned at being called a vampire. Of course the Talamasca already was filled with telepaths, and he was sure they could just 'tell' too. So fine, he sighed and thought at the guy: What do you want, Adrien? Just my name? My name is Armand. Do you know that name? You should.

Having a rough evening Armand? You seem cranky about something. I apologize if I have offended you in wishing to converse this way. I just get excited when there's someone else that can communicate with me like this. Forgive me, it's not everyday I discover someone like yourself. He paused a moment only to give Armand a confused look before continuing. Is it that I know you're a vampire that bothers you? And what's Talamasca? I'm sorry I'm not trying to pry but it's just something I heard in your thoughts just now. Oh and to answer your question, yes, I know this name but I'm not that familiar with you to know and understand your character. Should I know those things as well? I mean, I guess I could just search your thoughts but I doubt you'd want me to do that right now.

"Certainly not." he answered, both verbally and mind-to-mind. He waved him on over to where he sat, and if he came over he waited for him to settle before he said, "So, you're not Talamasca, that's... good! And yeah, it kind of bothers me what you know, but I'm still getting used to this idea that people... actually believe. So ... do you want a drink? " His dark eyes flashed amber as he smiled at the telepath.

Adrian smiled as he headed over to meet with his new found friend. "Mm, thank you. I was about to get myself another gin and tonic actually." He chuckled lightly as he took a seat across from the immortal. "So from what you're saying, you've only just found out about your kind coming out to the world?"

"I was... busy." He didn't go into why, nor did he allow the thoughts to seep past his formidable shields. He was busy, actually... off in the Greek islands, investigating for his own personal satisfaction, the old paintings and shrines that Marius had made for Akasha. Wanting to see the places himself, with his own eyes, and how he wanted to be near Marius then, but there was no way to find him. He had even considered trying once more to bring a brush to canvas, to see if he still would fail to bring any form to it, when all around him he was surrounded by the work of his great master. He had hoped to surprise him when he saw him again, with a painting that he himself had done, but he had been most unsatisfied with his results and left them tucked away in that old shrine where he was sure no one would ever find them. No, none of that could leak out of his thoughts, but a wistful expression came over him and he sighed thinking on it. He then called to the bar that his friend would like another Gin and tonic, and let his gaze settle again over Adrian. "I was busy and... I didn't imagine it was even really possible. Considering how much had been revealed already, and no one believed it then. I thought we might still be safe."

Though Armand had done his best to shield his thoughts, his heart simply sang out enough that Adrian could pick up bits and pieces. "Were they worth it? Whatever it was you were doing, was this person you love worth the trouble?" Adrian smiled softly. "I don't have to read your mind to know that whatever it was you had been doing until now was for someone you care very dearly about. It's written all over your face." He then turned to the bartender that had brought him his drink and thanked him for it. The bartender nodded and commented about putting it on Adrian's tab. "Well, honestly, people thought it to be mere stories until vampires were actually seen on television. They have a political organization and everything going for them now."

"It's insane," he said waving his hand as if, and wishing it would, dismiss it all. "It's never been done this way... not ever, and it shouldn't be. Do you suppose we could convince everyone that it was all an elaborate hoax?" He rubbed his head and didn't address the other question. Of course Marius was worth it. Except that he was a jerk. But damn it... the heart could not be made to listen. Jerk. Frustrating as hell... melt whenever I lay eyes on the bastard.

"Wow. Serious mixed emotions about this person. You may be guarding your thoughts but your emotions are just radiating like heat from a fire. But to answer your question, no, not with the huge political party fighting for equal rights for vampires and all that. Not to mention that TruBlood stuff that's everywhere, this is one giant snowball that's turn avalanche and there's no stopping it now. Humans are stupid creatures that once you've shown them something's true they run around scared. People fear what's different. That's something that will never change." Adrian sighed as he began trailing off. He had grown up different. Grown up dealing with other children who feared him because he could easily hear what was in their head. Grown up with adults that would hit him just because he said exactly what they were thinking. His past was a hard one being so young and not yet knowing how to control such a power.

"I have yet to taste this 'true-blood' stuff. If it was true blood, I am just guessing that they would not have named it that."

Adrian just gave Armand a confused look. "I'm not sure what you mean by that. It's just one of those stupid catchy marketing type names. It's what happens when you let some asshole market a synthetic blood out to vampires. I mean it was created by the Japanese to help out hospitals that were short on blood for operations and whatnot but then someone in your race decided that this was the window of opportunity to shed 'the light' on your kind and bam, a whole new way for this company to make money. And thus you get the name 'TruBlood'."

"Huh. I wonder if they have it here." He didn't want to order it. It would out himself to everyone in the bar! He glanced around at the people there. No one really knew it was Armand who sat here with the purple haired one. No one knew and he didn't want them to... well, almost no one knew. The bartender knew who he was. He knew him from his comings and goings with the more famous of his kind, and put two and two together to figure out who Armand was. As a public service provider, he had come to know what he's dealing with most of the time.

"It's possible. Would you like me to ask?" Adrian looked curiously at his new friend. He knew that Armand was wry about being outed to the rest of the public, so he thought he'd do his best to help try and ease the uneasy immortal.

"Wouldn't they know it was for me anyway? You've been drinking Gin." He gestured at the gin in the man's hand.

"I have an idea of how to go about this." With a wink, Adrian got up and walked over to the bar. He leaned over the bar toward the bartender and order TruBlood. Now, he did receive some curious looks from people next to him. He just smiled and shrugged. "Oh don't tell me you haven't wondered what it tastes like? Besides, my friend over there bet me fifty bucks I wouldn't drink it. Can't turn down a bet right?" With that, people just rolled their eyes at him and shook their heads before returning to their conversations. They didn't think anything about it anymore. No one in the room cared now that they knew he wasn't a vampire. Once the bartender brought him the warm bottle, he shook his head in telling Adrian that it was non-refundable and just laughed at him before turning his attention to other costumers. Adrian walked back with the bottle of O-negative. Now to end this small performance. He then took a deep breath, raised the bottle and took a swig, swallowing, making a very disgusted face and then coughing. "Oh that's gross man. Now you owe me fifty bucks." Anyone that had been paying attention to him laughed at him before commenting how stupid he was then complaining about their day or whatever they were previously talking about. And that's how we get you TruBlood to taste and no one really notices. Adrian then took a quick gulp of gin and tonic to remove the taste of metal from his mouth.

"Brilliant," Armand commented, and passed Adrian a fifty. He said, "I'll bet you that fifty right back that I'll drink more than you did... and not puke."

Adrian chuckled. "You know what, I'll double it to a hundred if you'll drink the whole thing without puking." Am I genius or what?

Yeah but... do you think it's that bad? Will I not be able to drink the whole thing and not puke? He regarded the bottle dubiously. "Well... here goes. We'll see about the hundred." He sniffed at the top. It ... smelled blood-like, but... didn't really seem to carry with it - well - anything. It was void. It had no life in it, and he could almost tell by just the odor. He brought it to his lips before it would have chance to congeal though, that would make it much less appetizing. He took several swallows... and then blinked at it. Nothing there, he thought. Nothing. It's like a mouthful of ... dead blood. The life of the mortal who might have had it, even the slightest whisper of who it might have belonged to had passed. It wasn't lethal or awful or anything, but... He shrugged and smacked his lips distastefully, "Okay... hundred it is." He downed it. He wanted to see if it would give him anything. A boost? The slightest... anything? And of course, those onlookers who noticed what was going on, they were all waiting for him to wretch.

It's terrible to me because I'm not a blood drinker like yourself. So taste it and find out. Adrian couldn't help but smile at the immortal boy. He made a face for theatrics to give any onlooker the idea that he couldn't believe his friend shouldn't be able to drink that without puking. When Armand was finished with the bottle, Adrian just shook his head. "Shit. You know you're SO going to regret that later." He then laid another fifty on top of the one that was already on the table and slid it over to Armand. He then sighed a dramatic sigh of defeat. "Well, let's get out of here before you get sick or something 'cuz last time we pulled this shit you did throw up all over the sidewalk just outside the bar. We don't need that happening again." He then finished his G & T, closed out his tab and stretched out hand to his friend. Now for the big ending to our little production before the local get too suspicious.

Armand was surprised that Adrian would be just tossing a fifty at him for something he knew he could do. He'd give it to him when he was outside the bar and glanced back at the place. Yeah no one wanted to see the 'kid' puke. It would be... red. It would probably make all of them feel a little sick. Armand smirked, "Well... that was... interestingly very non-interesting. I mean, it was like... like... water scented perfume."

Adrian just smiled at his friend now that they had finally exited stage right and were walking down the sidewalk on Decatur. "Well, at least we managed to pull off a stunning performance in making everyone think you to be human." He chuckled. "I don't know if your were listening in on a couple of the guys on the other end of the bar but they were betting on you wretching right there in front of everyone. Honestly, we couldn't have pulled that off better if we tried. That was brilliant if I do say so myself."

"Yes, perfectly done," he agreed, and offered back the fifty, "You knew I could drink it."

"Yes, but they didn't know I knew. It was all part of the act my good man." He laughed as he took back his fifty dollars happily. "Sometimes I think I should be an actor instead of a musician." He laughed at himself for that thought.

"What do you play?" He seemed honestly interested. He was still waiting too, to see if the thirst he had rejected the blood. It... didn't, but it was far from satisfied, "Yeah... an actor," his mind spun back to the theatre des vampires. There could never be another. There could never be any so brazen pretense again.

"So you were once apart of a theater. The Theatre des Vampires." He smiled as he looked at his friend. "Sorry, you let that one slip my friend. But to answer your question, I play the guitar. It's my passion to say the least. My old man was a musician. He died when I was 8."

"You might as well go read the book, it's all in the tale Louis described, the theatre, the horror that it was... I am sorry that you had to lose your father at so early an age." He covered the thought that followed that too skillfully, not even an emotion could be detected.

Adrian stopped mid-step and thought for a moment before looking at Armand. "Wait. Book? Louis? Wait a minute, you're talking about Interview with a Vampire aren't you? Huh. I've seen the movie but never read the book. So you're the Armand from that famous book series." He laughed. "Wow. And here I thought that Armand looked something like Antonio Banderas. Heh. Now I'm going to HAVE to read those books." He chuckled and shook his head as he took up walking once again.

"Why not?" Armand said softly, "Why the hell not?" He sounded depressed about it, "Surely it is only a matter of time before every word we ever produced on a page will be used against us. To destroy us, no doubt. It is amazing to me that the world's higher government powers have not come crashing down around us already. Throwing napalm jets at us, a full-scale disaster, it's just waiting to happen, I promise you."

"Well, it's probably got something to do with the fact that people still believe those stories, your stories to be just that. A story someone made up. People don't realize those are real yet and I doubt they ever will unless someone in those stories set out to prove otherwise. People need hard evidence to believe something a lot of the time. There's only a select few that believe something they can't explain or physically see or touch."

"And yet all it took was someone to be on television? Somehow it doesn't add up to me. How can they believe just because they saw a vampire on television? How often do you expect people have seen vampires on television! The airwaves have been full of them for years! Fictions! All fictions as far as anyone cared to think!"

"They didn't believe at first but when more and more vampires actually came forward and proved themselves to be just what they said they were, people couldn't help but believe." Adrian sighed heavily before continuing. "I mean this has been going on for the past couple years now. Like I said before, snowball turned avalanche. Nothing you can do about it now."

Armand couldn't help hoping that there was at least a slim chance to burrow back into obscurity. Maybe they would all have to go to sleep until this blew over. Perhaps that would be the only way in this age of computers and broadcasts. Humans would forget, they'd convince themselves it was all just legend. Even the recordings would be scrutinized as fabrications... excellent fabrications. "We have done it before, we were known... once. More people thought of us as real, and we managed to fade into the shadows. We could do it again."

Adrian shook his head. "It's not so easy this time around. The only way you'd be able to make people think you didn't exist is if you allowed the fanatical groups of humans destroy a good number of your kind before people would believe you to be nonexistent." He sighed again. "It's too dangerous to even think of attempting it."

"Or better yet... to try and destroy a good number of us only to discover they have killed many humans. That they'd been wrong, and it was a hoax. I mean, there were enough humans pretending to be vampires already, claiming that they were, living some kind of lifestyle as if it would give them eternal life... yes, it could work. It could indeed... and all it would take would be some skilled mind tricks to do it too. Adrian, I want you to help me. We have to change the world back the way it was." He laughed, "If nothing else, we have already begun our task! All the people in the bar, save maybe Robert, believed that it is possible to drink this TruBlood if you are human... even if you have to wait to have it puked back up. It's possible!"

"But won't this plot bring a large amount of your own kind down on your head? I have a feeling it would put me in serious danger. Plus, wouldn't this be hard to pull off if the fanatics actually filmed the death of a vampire? There's just too many things and people that stand in your way of succeeding." He thought for a moment. "There was another movie I remembered that was total crap as far as movies go but it was about Lestat. If his personality is anything like it was portrayed, he'd be a bit of a problem would he not?"

Armand sighed, "Unless he was also bent on that task, of course, but I think... I think he could well see how it would place his beloved Louis in danger, that he would be in danger himself, and all those he cared about... for whatever reason, like Mona... however he thought she was a good choice I will never know. But, in all seriousness, I think he could come to understand the danger here, and be willing to take on the challenge of a lifetime; not to come out, which has already been done, but to overcome the great obstacles presented and ... prevail."

Rolling his eyes and shaking his head, Adrian was about to object to Armand's plotting once again when suddenly he felt someone watching them. Three someones to be exact and they weren't really happy with his new friend. "Uhm, sorry to change the subject on you here Armand but did you rip someone's hair out earlier this evening, cuz I think he's come back for revenge and he's brought a couple of his friends with him." With that little announcement, the very vampire Armand had previously injured and three of his friends began to fly out of the shadows toward them only to be incinerated inches away from the pair.

"Getting into trouble again Amadeo?" said a familiar voice from the shadows. "It's a good thing I decided to follow you. Your new friend might have been hurt." Marius chuckled as he stepped out into the orange glow of the nearby street light.

Armand had been preparing to show the three that they'd underestimated him, but when they blew up into so much ash before his eyes, he blinked and spun around at the voice. "Marius!" he exclaimed in a whisper, "These public displays are not good for us." he turned to Adrian, "This is Adrian, Adrian, this is Marius." He hoped the name would be known enough not to have to elaborate, but the eyes of onlookers was making his skin crawl.

Adrian was a little stunned by the combusting vampires but even more stunned at the sudden appearance of someone he hadn't known was there until now. "Ah. Pleasure to meet you." Wow, not at all like Vincent Perez. Movies REALLY need to get their shit together on character appearances. He smiled warmly and extended his hand for a handshake.

Marius just smiled back at the young man and happily shook his hand in greeting. "A pleasure to meet you as well. I'm interested in hearing you play your instrument in the future." He then turned to his immortal boy with a disapproving look. "Amadeo, you're being foolish."

Armand's gaze tightened on Marius. He was willing to take chastisement from his master, but not in front of people. Not now, here, a grown... well, not a boy any longer. "Can we talk about this later?" he asked Marius, his face feeling flushed. He supposed that the fake blood at least allowed him to blush, much to his chagrin.

Not wishing to cause an unnecessary scene or upset Armand any further, Marius nodded in agreement. "Very well. This is a subject better left out of the presence of others." He sighed softly before returning his attention to Adrian once again. "Well, I thank you for all you've done for him but I feel we must be on our way. Amadeo and I have much to discuss." He then looked at Armand again like a parent getting onto his child for misbehaving.

Adrian smiled nervously at Marius and then looked back at Armand. "So I hope to run into you again soon. If you ever feel like looking me up I live in an apartment over on the corner of Dauphine and Ursulines. Feel free to drop by anytime." He then turned to Marius again with a polite nod. "It was a pleasure all the same. I'll be seeing you." He smiled and gave a small wave to them both before taking his leave and walking back the way he came. That had gotten a little awkward for a moment there. Heh, I'm sure Grandmother will have something to say to me about all this. He sighed to himself and decided he needed another drink before heading home for the evening.
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