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a cross-fandom vampire rp
Date: April 24th Rating: PG to PG-13 Character(s): Evania and OPEN… 
30th-Apr-2009 09:35 pm
Date: April 24th
Rating: PG to PG-13
Character(s): Evania and OPEN
Summary: Evania goes for a nighttime stroll through New Orleans and runs into a reporter and a photographer

Evania had left Elixir in Ambrose's capable hands for the night. The club played different varieties of music on different nights, and tonight they were playing that loud music her brother in law and maker liked so much. That sort that involved all of the erratic dancing that looked more like thrashing and full body spasms than actual dancing. Ambrose had hand-picked all of the musical entertainment, and he wanted to be there to enjoy the show. Evania was less fond of the music, personally, so she'd decided to take a walk and enjoy the night air. Hunting was also an option. She hadn't developed a taste for TruBlood as of yet, though she found the Type A flavour more tolerable than the others.

While she generally didn't bother to use her enhanced senses to eavesdrop on conversations, one conversation caught her attention. Largely because it seemed to be focused on her.

"Do you think she's one of them?" asked one young man, nudging a woman with him that was carrying a camera.

"...definitely," said the woman after a moment's pause. "They've all got this really...different aura, you know? Or something. If you pay close attention, you can tell."

"Awesome! Let's go talk to her!"

Evania was fast, even by vampiric standards. She briefly contemplated putting that speed to good use and disappearing, but that was silly. They were only humans. If they became bothersome, she'd shoo them away.

"Excuse me miss, but could we talk to you? We're from the New Orleans Post and we're doing a story on the vampire scene here..."

The dark haired woman held back the urge to sigh. The 'scene'. What a divided and misrepresented 'scene' it was. Most humans had no idea how vicious vampires could be, or that vampire society was any different than human society.

"Then I suppose you are in luck," she said simply. "I co-own one of the clubs in the neighborhood."

"What do you think of vampires being out of the coffin?" asked the reporter. "Are you for or against it?"

"We are out of our coffins on a regular basis," she replied, "though if you are referring to public awareness of vampires, it has its positive and negative points."

"What sorts of negative points?" The reporter looked surprised. "I would have thought that as a club owner, you'd appreciate all the extra business."

"I do. The simple fact is that those who spoke up did not do so with the entire vampire community's blessing. Many would have preferred to remain myths and possibly urban legends in the public eye, rather than an acknowledged reality."

"But what about--"

"I am afraid that's all the time I have for you today," said Evania. "Good day, and best be on your way. Somewhere safe. There are muggers out on the streets at this hour and that is a lovely camera."

She sent a strong mental suggestion to the both of them. She was feeling charitable enough to nudge them toward safety tonight. It wasn't smart to go interviewing vampires. Someone a little less kind and a little more hostile might have made a meal of both.

1st-May-2009 03:35 am (UTC)
Cordelia walked down the sidewalk with the same amount of confidence she'd always had. She caught sight of the pretty dark haired woman across the street and eyed her warily for a moment before continuing on her way.
3rd-May-2009 01:39 am (UTC)
Evania was headed in a similar direction, though she wasn't following Cordelia. She preferred to hunt those who were unwise enough to wander in side alleys. She especially preferred people who wouldn't be missed anyhow. Of course, she still took care to make things look like an accident when she did kill. There was no sense in being careless, after all.

Generally, she did not approve of this idea of vampires being out in the open. She rather wanted to kick the people responsible for making the vampire population public. However, it wasn't ladylike and there was no point in starting a fight over something that had already been done. All she was waiting for was the meeting when many of the vampires in the country would discuss where the community would go now.

One of the few things she did appreciate about the vampire population being public was the amount of stores that were suddenly open late. There were several nice clothing stores open until 1am along this area. Evania decided that perhaps she'd hunt down some new clothing before she considered going on a hunt.

((OOC: Want to give them the chance to interact in a clothing store, maybe?))
3rd-May-2009 02:01 am (UTC)
Cordelia couldn't help shake the feeling the other woman was following her. And if working at Angel Investigations for four years had taught her anything, it was to follow her instincts.

And right now her instincts were telling her to get off the street. She ducked into the first open store she came across--Rebecca's Closet. It was nearly empty, but not completely. If the woman turned out to be trouble, the other customers wouldn't be of much help. She was hoping that it would discourage her, though.

It had been awhile since she'd been in a fight, considering she'd been dead for five years up until the night before.

(ooc: absolutely :) )
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